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What is Shopcity AR?

Shopcity AR is an Augmented Reality innovative application for e-commerce stores that brings your online sport products catalog to your customers’ actual location in the form of an AR showroom.


Shopcity AR shows your products in an advanced, new and fun way to your fans. The Augmented Reality experience entertains your visitors as they are browsing through your products. Shopcity AR includes 3D characters as well as AR sports games while your store visitor enjoys your sport products catalog.


Our AR solution display the products of your store using advanced Augmented Reality interactive presentations right at the customer’s location. Shopcity AR solution is mobile, simple and easy to use.

Shopcity AR is the future of sport retail product sales for your sport club and brand. As a website, the visitor can select a product to buy; the big difference is the integration of digital experiences in Augmented Reality that includes the entire collection by seasons, categories and products in the comfort of your own home, outside in a park or at your workplace.


We have opened the doors to the next level of sales with Augmented Reality to help customers avoid customer service personnel and to bring shoes, accessories, outerwear of your sport brand and sport club into your home.


Shopcity AR and GSIC-Sport powered by Microsoft have the technology to take your sport product to the next level of innovation and to expand and enhance the customer experience and the way customers use your digital channels.

Shopcity AR is available on any IOS and Android devices.

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Book a Shopcity AR demo, the future of shopping

for your NFT or Brands.

Try Shopcity AR prototype.

Contact us to create a prototype of a demo of your Augmented Reality eCommerce Store.

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