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Spatial App Design

Shopcity AR brings experience virtual NFT art exhibitions design services, meetups and live events together with lifelike avatars from Spatial App.

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Augmented Reality
e-Commerce Store

Shopcity AR is the future of your eCommerce retail products for your Stores, sport clubs, sponsors and brands. We integrate digital experiences and your NFT products in Augmented Reality that includes the entire collection  in the comfort of your own home or in a park.

Our Augmented Reality solution displays the products of your store or NFT collections using advanced Augmented Reality interactive showroom interface, right at the customer’s location. Our AR solution is mobile, simple and easy to use.

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Metaverse Concert and Virtual Club


360 Virtual Tour Stadium Augmented Reality Portals

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Augmented Reality
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 AR Apps, Motion Graphics, NFT Product Design, Video Games Design  
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